I am Dana Gal-Altbauer and my Professional Organizing business provides organizing and decluttering services to households and small businesses. My goal is to help you organize your space in a way that will bring you peace of mind and will be easy to maintain every day and onwards into the future.

: our services include

Home organizing

Does your kitchen or your kid’s room need some organizing? Do you still have some unopened boxes from your last move? Are the papers piling up in every corner of your house? We can organize it together!
It can be a one-day project or a once-a-month appointment to do paperwork and organize parts of your house. Whatever works best for you to become and stay organized so your space will work for you and become an oasis of calm where you can find all that you need without any effort.

Small Business organizing

if you are a small business owner you must know that being really good at what you do or sell does not guarantee that your business will thrive. It takes so much more! I believe the first thing a business needs is a solid organizational infrastructure that your business can build on. If your studio or office or storage space is a mess – chances are that you are hurting your ability to manage your business in an effective way. You are alone in your business but you don’t have to be alone in this - I can help you get organized so you can concentrate on being the best business owner you can be.

Senior Downsizing organizing

Moving from a home you have lived in for a long time can be challenging and emotional for the entire family. You can make it easier on yourself! I can help you coordinate the project from top to bottom – we will go through the items throughout your house; evaluate what you can and cannot move with you to your new home; sort and declutter – with lots of respect for the history of your family and the family members who have lived in your house all these years; and then we will find a place while working together for everything in your new house to make it your home for many years to come.
From my experience, using a third-party that is not a family member to help with such a move results in a faster and less stressful experience for the entire family.

Estate Decluttering organizing

A loss of a loved one is a very difficult experience and it entails so many feelings and emotions. Today it also includes a lot of practical sides - formal bureaucratic matters and dealing with the home and belongings of the deceased. Dealing with the mental and the practical aspects together can be overwhelming, if not paralyzing. Whether it’s emptying the home of deceased parents or clearing out a shared living space after a partner’s passing - I can help you with evaluating the situation; I can deal with house bills and maintenance; I can help family members choose items and say their goodbyes; and then organize the distribution and donation of all other items.

? How does my Professional Organizing work

There are usually 3 steps to every organizing project:

First Step: The First Phone Call – by all means, this is the hardest step. It means you realized you need help with your situation and you want to do something about it.

So call me at 972-(0)54-7787434, we will get to know each other, I will understand why you called and we will make time in our schedules to meet and start working to get everything professionally organized.

Second Step: The Meeting – In our meeting(s) we will go through 4 phases:

Mapping – we will evaluate the situation together and determine our goals for the project.

Sorting / Decluttering – we will go through all items together, sorting them and deciding what stays and what goes. 

Disposing – we will decide which items will be given to friends and family for reuse, which items will be donated, and which items will go to be recycled or binned.

Finding a place – we will find a place for all items that we decide to keep, so you can maintain your organized space long after I am gone…

Third Step: The Shock – If we will work together to achieve the goals we set and follow all the steps, I can assure you that you will be shocked and amazed as to how much can be done in just a few hours. You are guaranteed to finish our session(s) feeling happy, accomplished, thrilled and relieved to have completed such a hard job in such a relatively short time period.

: A bit about me

I am Dana Gal-Altbauer and I am a professional Organizer. My mission is to change people’s reality by organizing their space.  I truly believe that good physical organization and infrastructure will promote and advance every person or business. From an early age, I am the one that people trust to organize their, well - everything. Whether creating a food list for a family picnic, helping pack for a relocation of friends or tackling a life mission that seems impossible at first. This natural ability has helped me a lot in representing clients as a lawyer for many years, and offering a clear, methodical solution for any complex project.

? So what is a Professional Organizer

The “Organizer” side is pretty straight forward – I help people organize their space through hands-on sessions. Together we sort, declutter, dispose and find the right place for each item. The “Professional” side means that you are paying to get a professional who has experience, can provide solutions and is guaranteed to finish the project in hand.

And what else? I am fun, energetic, trustworthy and discreet. I do not judge anyone, I don’t ask “How did this mess come about?” and I always see the light at the end of the tunnel (and no, it is not a train – it is a well-organized space).

So let’s get in touch and get some organizing on the way!